Eye For An Eye


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released August 18, 2014


all rights reserved



SOCIAL DAMAGE Indianapolis, Indiana


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Track Name: Missing Link
Isolated in see-through walls
Packed in rooms through endless halls
They lock you in to sit and think
To try and find your missing link
Missing link
Won't take your pills, won't accept your advice
Won't put on an act won't fucking wear your disguise
Won't take your orders don't deserve my respect
I refuse to live my life with a noose on my neck
Track Name: Eye For An Eye
Watching them die killing them off
From another profit comes another loss
Death ridden alleys, scum filled streets
Cardboard boxes with blood stained sheets
The lines been drawn, you've taken enough
Too brain dead to give a fuck
Fucking leach you prey on the weak
I refuse to let your kind breed
Forcing your problems so you're not alone
So easy to forget all the faces you've known
You've fucking disgraced the ones that you love
They're scarred for life and you'll be soon enough
The lines have been drawn, you've taken enough
Too brain dead to give a fuck
Fucking leach you prey on the weak
I refuse to let your kind breed
Stomp you out motherfucker
It's your turn
To feel the pain you've caused
Another kick to your fucking head for every innocent lost
A knife to the throat for every family addicted
A gun to your head for all the pain you've inflicted
Eye for an eye
You deserve what you get
Straight edge
Track Name: United By What?
So many holes in your close knit scene
We're not in this together you're no friend to me
Fuck your fake sincerity I see through your act
Can't hide the knife I know you'll stick in my back
True 'til when? United by what?
The day you decide that you don't give a fuck?
It's hard to look passed the bridges you've burned
Or the handful of lessons that you never learned
You beg for forgiveness you demand a clean slate
Sorry my friend but it's too fucking late
Too fucking late
Track Name: Tied
They control your mind and feed you their shit
You say it's fucked but remain content
You're not rebelling you're sucking their dick
So don't preach to me fucking hypocrite
"fuck the system, let's burn a flag"
While you sit on your ass with your brown paper bag
Keeping you stupid by feeding you bait
Your fun being had by what you claim to hate
You're tied to a string
You're not weird but you play the part well
Getting fucked up on the shit that they sell
You're tied to a string
Track Name: Bite Your Tongue
Think you're so much better
Cause you're so politically correct
Hierarchy PC punx
Who are you trying to impress?
Bite your fucking tongue
Bite your tongue before you judge me, and learn your fucking facts
Take your hardcore politics
And shove em up your ass
Bite your tongue
Track Name: Blind
A fetishized culture of death and disease
Brainwashed youth told what they need
Obey and conform the American dreams
Longing for acceptance and false guarantees
There's real problems at hand but you turn your back
Refuse to acknowledge the facts
Ignorant minds spewing ignorant words
Based off lies you're told and the shit you've heard
Afraid to speak or fucking think
Social norms controlling what you see
You're blind
They profit, they rape, they steal and they feed
They take what you want, tell you what you need
They watch and laugh while you fucking bleed
Manufacture fake promises for you to believe
Open your eyes
A fetishized culture of death and disease
American values I refuse to fucking believe

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